Solution Management

At Commence Consulting we believe success is largely dependent on how well you prepare for and mange building new solutions via projects and programs. Whether your solution is a single project or multiple projects, Commence can help you be successful by effectively planning for and managing the activities and challenges you will face during the journey. Commence applies industry proven program management practices to manage every solution we provide to our clients. We can also provide the same high quality Solution Management capabilities to help you effectively manage your internal initiatives and/or projects involving external vendors.

Commence Consulting’s approach to Solution Management focuses on managing project scope, costs, sequence, pace, and resources to deliver a business capability or capabilities. Our approach to any solution management engagement involves addressing eleven specific areas (shown at right) to accomplish solution objectives and guide management decisions. The overall framework of our Solution Management approach leverages the extensive experience or consultants have delivering solutions to a variety of clients across multiple industries and
project types.

Too often companies put more emphasis on the management process rather than what the solution is trying to accomplish. Beyond the ability to run projects or programs you must ensure the projects or programs are offering value to your organization by aligning with your corporate strategy. Results of our Solution Management approach include:

Better projectprogram execution
  • Minimizes Risk
  • Facilitates early corrective actions
  • Maximizes quality
  • Allows more senior executive involvement and control over a diverse set of projects
  • Concentrates and leverages management expertise
  • Develops your internal solution management skill set
  • Effectively allocates scarce resources
  • Improves estimates of costs and schedules
Alignment with corporate strategy
  • Enhances project/program success
  • Manages timelines and dependencies across projects to achieve common objectives
  • Helps you compete in today’s fast paced environment
  • Monitors project cost vs. value (ROI)

Our clients achieve these results because our philosophy towards Solution Management is to combine rigorous, fact-based project management techniques with a thorough understanding of our clients vision, strategy and business objectives.  Industry standard project management metrics and data alone don’t substitute for sound business knowledge and experience but provide valuable insight and facts to help make the best business decisions.