Change Enablement

At Commence Consulting, we have extensive experience helping organizations overcome the natural resistance to change that can so often stand in the way of successful business initiatives. We work closely with your company’s management and employees to systematically and effectively guide them through the change acceptance process. Change Enablement services incorporate a thorough understanding of how people react to change, combined with tools, and methods that enable the behavior changes required to embrace change and produce positive business results. Our solution can be tailored to large or small business change initiatives including:

  • Application implementations
  • New/modified product and/or service introductions
  • Business process and procedure changes
  • Organizational and leadership changes

Our Change Enablement approach addresses four dimensions of change initiatives to effectively and efficiently help your organization accept and embrace change:

  • Change Planning and Management
  • Change Leadership and Sponsorship
  • Workforce Performance Enablement
  • Workforce Involvement and Ownership

Effectively enabling your organization to process and accept change provides significant benefits and reduces risks. Commence Consulting knows that it is just as important to prepare your people and teams for new solutions (technology, processes, etc.) as it is to make sure new solutions fit your business needs.  Change Enablement increases productivity by building skills and motivation and reduces cost impacts due to change resistance.