Enterprise Portfolio Management

Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) enables you to be adaptive by managing and prioritizing human, financial and other resources, projects and programs. EPM takes into consideration your current supporting tools, project planning and management methodologies, resource management practices, project time and expense reporting and the integration with critical business applications such as ERP and financials. The goal of EPM is to apply appropriate business controls and measures so that projects and initiatives can be better understood and managed resulting in the right projects and initiatives being approved and successfully deployed.

The Commence Consulting team will also take into consideration the current culture within your organization. Instituting an effective EPM program requires
assessing the company culture and incorporating it into the future plans. Culture is one of the key factors in the overall success of a program such as this and therefore our approach considers culture and change management as part of change enablement activities.

Beyond culture, Commence will focus on assessing several other areas of your business. Each area is assessed for effectiveness, current tools, process maturity, stated business objectives and business benefit. Those areas that represent the best opportunity for improvement and quick ROI are prioritized and addressed first while keeping the vision and goals in mind. Some of the EPM areas of focus include:

    • Project Management Methodology/PMO
    • Time and Expense Tracking
    • Process Tracking/Controls/Measures
    • Resource Management
    • Financial Management and Analytics
    • Demand Management
    • Document/Knowledge Management
    • Reporting and Analytics

Each EPM area works independently but links to the overall EPM lifecycle within your organization. The key to the success of EPM within your organization is to identify these interdependencies and work toward a single vision and framework. The common framework allows us to complete the project in phases since we are considering the whole EPM vision when working on any individual piece, each piece will work with the others. The heart of the program is the reporting and analytics which relies on the framework and provides valuable feedback to you and the project teams so that short and long term planning can be conducted and continuous improvements can be made in day-to-day operations, as well as during the EPM deployment.

The results of EPM are dramatic and delivered throughout the implementation process. Since this is a long-term and often culture changing program, benefits are achieved in the short, medium and long term. Our phased approach ensures the success of the EPM program, pragmatically increases the maturity of your business and maintains the program ROI.