Mobility Services

By 2017, the number of worldwide mobile connected devices will top nine billion. Smartphones and tablets have offered consumers – and businesses – unprecedented access to information in their daily lives. Children today will grow up with tablets in their homes and schools creating a whole generation that accepts tablets as we once accepted cordless phones. Are you enabling your mobile enterprise or watching your competition pass you by?

At Commence Consulting we believe that enterprise mobility is evitable but it doesn’t have to compromise your enterprise security or be a financial burden to
the organization. Like any new technology it is not a silver bullet to solving your business problems, but when properly applied it can help increase your competitive edge. Our experienced consultants take a pragmatic “think big, start small, and move fast” approach to applying mobile technologies that ensure you getting the return on your investment in both the short and the long term.

Too often, companies just dive in the pool because everyone else is doing it, not realizing how shallow or deep it may be. Like all Commence engagements, we will partner with you to understand your business objectives and help you form a mobile strategy that achieves those objectives. Once the enterprise mobility strategy is established, Commence Consulting has the resources to implement your mobile applications and help you continuously improve them as the technologies evolve.