PMO Development

At Commence Consulting, we realize that establishing an efficient and effective Program Management Office (PMO) is not something that is done overnight nor is there a guide book for all companies to follow. A PMO must be tailored to your company’s unique business situation and requirements. Failure to have a PMO that appropriately balances people, process, and technology resources can create a misalignment of focus, lack of information, increased costs, and other unknown risks during the execution of a critical business program. Commence Consulting’s PMO Development service provides you with the foundation to execute your PMO efficiently.


Developing a PMO can be a daunting task given the many management aspects it needs to address as shown in the figure above. Companies often encounter serious issues as they develop their PMO such as doing too much too fast or using an off-the-shelf product that does not truly meet their PMO needs. To avoid these issues and manage the complexities associated with developing a PMO, Commence tailors a PMO solution to your company’s specific business and technical requirements. Further, throughout the PMO Development approach we focus on the following principles:

Measure – A PMO establishes, tracks, and measures business value metrics and key performance indicators that are specific to your business.

Communicate – A PMO communicates the right information in the right format to the right people.

Adapt – A PMO proactively identifies under-performing areas, develops improvement options, and understands how changes in one PMO area will impact other areas.

Evaluate – A PMO’s cost of operating should not exceed the value it provides.

CC –┬áTo truly benefit from the deployment of a PMO you must achieve results and value at the operational, tactical, and strategic levels of your company while minimizing the cost of running the PMO. Commence Consulting’s approach to PMO Development ensures that you are deploying a PMO that maximizes value by effectively leveraging and building your company’s PMO capabilities. Not only will the PMO monitor your programs but it will also monitor itself. This self-monitoring component is critical to ensure the PMO continues to add value.