Informatica PIM Services

Product Information Management (PIM) systems are a relatively new option for enterprises looking for a way to manage their product and marketing content. While a PIM can provide the structure and connectivity needed to get control of and use digital content effectively, as with many initiatives, the way the PIM is implemented determines how effective it will be.

Commence has a proven track record of helping clients navigate the selection, implementation, migration, business adoption and ongoing support of a PIM system and can provide true turn-key service that delivers an end-to-end solution.

Selecting the right vendor and platform is a critical first step in the process. Different offerings have strengths and weaknesses that must be carefully compared to the needs of the organization. Commence helps evaluate and prioritize those needs so that the right vendor for the job is selected.

With a PIM implementation, business adoption and change management are as important to the success of the project as delivering the technical solution. Commence believes business adoption starts at the beginning of the project and recommends bringing the people who will use the solution together in cross-functional workshops to create a sense of participation and ownership that will continue throughout the project.

A PIM implementation is only as good as the requirements used to build the solution. Commence uses a detailed requirements tracebility matrix to track technical and functional needs from initial capture, careful review and approval, through to user acceptance testing. By spending the time up front to determine what the business truly needs, we minimize the change requests and rework that drive cost and delays.

For large, global PIM implementations, Commence recommends piloting the platform to reduce the risk of rolling out a complex system all at once. Launching to a single region or function first helps the business gain confidence that the solution truly meets their needs while allowing appropriate time to design and build the tailored training that is so crucial to a successful launch.

When it comes to sharing the marketing content and data stored in the PIM, the default user interface that ships out of the box may not be suitable for external consumption. In those cases where the business requires more than just the company logo and color scheme when engaging with customers and partners, Commence has built web portals that take full advantage of the breadth and depth of content in the PIM with innovative applications that reduce friction and accelerate sales, all while staying true to the organization’s brand strategy.

Once the PIM solution has been built, Commence provides application maintenance and support, fully hosts and maintains the platform, or anything in between according to your needs.