Business Process Alignment

At Commence Consulting, we believe that in order for your business to be truly effective, you need to align your business processes with your business strategy and continually monitor your processes for effectiveness. Business processes are core to your business; they represent how you create value, how you operate and how you interact with your customers. Alignment with the overall strategy of the business is critical and can mean the difference between double-digit growth and losing ground to the competition. Further, measuring and enabling your processes can help you better understand process effectiveness and create an advantage in today’s business environment.

During any business process alignment engagement we focus on the following areas:

Strategy- Understanding your business strategy allows us to incorporate it into the solution. Building new processes with the strategy as a focal point will ensure that all the processes work together toward that vision and goals.

Current Processes- As with all our solution offerings, we seek to understand your current environment and processes. This allows us to gain an understanding of your goals and objectives and establishes a baseline to identify process gaps. A firm understanding of your current processes will help us to formulate a prioritized list of improvement areas.

Process Enhancement- Process enhancement allows you to gain efficiencies and ensure you are collecting consistent and clean data from the business. We will look at your current technology environment and skills to identify tools and other efficiency opportunities that can be leveraged where appropriate.

Measurement- Measurement is key to the continuous improvement of your processes. Incorporating process health checks and other measurements allows you to capture critical information related to how your business is performing and, more importantly, what actions need to be taken to improve it.

Organizational Readiness- We also take your organization into consideration when developing the solution. It is critical to understand the goals and objectives of the stakeholders in your organization at all levels to ensure we can identify and address any potential resistance when developing and deploying the solution.


The business process alignment solution results in enhanced business processes that:

  • Are technology enabled and leverage your current technical infrastructure where possible
  • Are aligned with your overall business strategy, and
  • Utilize an integrated data collection and measurement approach.