Microsoft Azure

Windows Azure is a cloud services operating system that serves as the development, service hosting and service management environment for the Windows Azure platform, providing developers with on-demand compute and storage to host, scale, and manage web applications on the internet through Microsoft® datacenters. The Windows Azure cloud platform allows you to build applications using any language, tool or framework and still integrate these cloud application to your on premise IT environment.

Windows Azure delivers a 99.95% monthly SLA that allows you to build highly available application without focusing on the cost or upkeep of the related
infrastructure. From built in network load balancing and automatic OS and service patching, Windows Azure enables you to upgrade your applications without business interruption.

Beyond the always up, always on, Windows Azure enables you to use any language, framework, or tool to build application. Features and services are exposed using open REST protocols. All Windows Azure client libraries are released under open source license and available for multiple programing languages (e.g., .NET, php, node.js, etc.).

Windows Azure capabilities provide the flexibility your business needs to deliver cloud based solutions to your enterprise. Contact us today to learn more on how to leverage this platform for success.